Petmart is launching its app for dogs and cats, allowing users to keep track of their pets and track their progress on their favorite social media platforms.

Petmart application owners can log into their Petmart account and access their pet’s profile information, as well as the dog or cat’s health, schedule, and other personal information.

This can be used to schedule and monitor pet care, schedule a feed or visit, and monitor how their pet is doing at home.

Petmart previously used a similar feature to track the progress of its pets in the United States, but the application doesn’t currently have an English translation.

The company said that Petmart will begin releasing a Chinese translation of its pet-tracking application to the Chinese market in the second quarter of 2017. 

Read morePetmart’s application for pets has a few limitations.

It can’t record pet ownership or track the pets’ whereabouts, for example.

The app is also limited to just the US and Canada. 

Petmart said that its application for dogs was developed with help from PetSmart, a pet insurance company. 

“PetSmart has been working closely with Petmart for over a year to develop an application for our customers to track their pets,” PetSmart spokesman Michael Gannon said in a statement.

“The company’s data analytics platform has already helped Petmart secure the most secure pet insurance program available, and we are looking forward to leveraging it for future product development.” 

PetSmart will provide the Chinese version of Petmart’s app for free for the next six months, PetSmart said. 

In addition, Petmart said it will add a feature for cats and dogs to monitor their health.

The feature will let users keep track, upload photos, and share their pets’ health data. 

This story has been updated with PetSmart’s statement.