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Amazon applications are going to be getting a major update soon, with a number of new features coming to the app and cloud service.

While Amazon has been quietly releasing applications to its customers, it’s a new year and the company is bringing more than 1,000 new apps to the Amazon Appstore.

The company is introducing a new “search engine” that will allow users to search for items that may be on Amazon’s Appstore, as well as for other search queries.

For instance, the app may look for a product, video or a movie title and then “suggest” a product by saying “search for the product by name.”

This new feature will be rolled out to the Appstore soon.

The search engine has a different interface, but will allow the user to search by category.

The new app will let users search for product names and description, as will other search functions, including the ability to add categories, sort by keywords and see a summary of a search result.

Amazon’s search engine is also going to make a number more of its existing apps available in the Amazon Cloud.

This is where you can create an Amazon account, add a new Amazon app, set up a free trial, and get other Amazon features such as video streaming and video search.