A ‘Happily Ever After’ app helps users to ‘make a better life’

Google has released a “happy” app that helps people to “make a good life” with its new HAPPILY EASY application.

The new HAPILY EAST application, launched in India last month, is part of the company’s effort to connect more with users on the platform, with more than one billion daily visits from India.HAPPILY SEASON, a new Happily EASY app launched in 2017, connects users to the latest content on the app and makes them more active by letting them choose from a series of categories to access.

Users can see their own activities and find out which content is available on the newsstand and what the best places to find content are.HAPILY SEASONS, a social app launched last year, also connects users with the latest news and events on the Indian news platform.

The app has more than a million users and, for the first time, it is available for free.

The developers of the app, which was released by the Google Play Store, said it was designed for “the people who have the most fun, but also the most time.”