What is the new sonic app that allows you to find your place on the Internet?

When you open a sonic application on your mobile device, you get a search box that asks you for your location, and then you can select which web sites you’d like to visit.

This feature has been around for years in the United States, but in recent years, Google has rolled out a handful of new apps that allow users to find places by typing in their location, instead of by going to a website.

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The new sonic apps, however, have been in development for some time, but they haven’t been available to download yet.

Google recently announced its plans to introduce its first sonic assistant, which will allow users of the new apps to search the Web by typing a few words in the search box and then see how it goes.

The new search apps, though, haven’t yet been announced or launched.

The apps in question are not just for the new Google Assistant; they are also available for other Google services, including Google Maps, Google News, Google Docs, Google+, Google Photos, Google+ and Gmail.

The Google Assistant has a number of different search options, including: type location name