Subway job application: Starbucks job application

The job search giant has announced its latest batch of job openings for new and aspiring employees in Canada.

In a job posting on its website, Starbucks announced it is seeking a “senior manager”, which is “the chief operating officer” of a Canadian chain.

“The senior manager will oversee the overall execution of Starbucks Canada operations and the company’s global growth strategies,” it states.

The Starbucks spokesperson confirmed that the job listing was for the “seniors” position, which is the highest-ranking position.

The company also announced that it will “open an exclusive application to our Canadian team” for the position.

This comes as Starbucks continues to struggle with low supply of coffee.

According to a study released last week, the company saw its sales drop 8% last year, a drop of over 1 million sales.

It is also the second consecutive year that Starbucks has posted sales losses.

The company is also facing competition from Amazon, which announced a partnership last year to offer its customers more than 2,000 items from its own stores and more than 100 of its own online shops.

Amazon also launched its own store and marketplace in Canada last month, with plans to open more than 20 new stores in 2017.

“Starbucks Canada has the highest concentration of specialty coffee roasters in Canada,” the spokesperson stated.

“As such, we are able to offer a robust range of specialty products and brews.

Starbucks Canada also has a strong track record of developing and executing on our strategic growth plans, including the Starbucks Canada Strategic Plan and the Starbucks Business Plan.”

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