Subway application gets a major boost from Uber, and it’s not the most exciting thing about it

Posted by Ars Technic on March 22, 2019 11:19:26The Uber application for subways in New York is getting a big boost, but the application’s status hasn’t changed.

The application was updated in mid-March to show that it was approved.

This means that Uber is in fact applying for subroads in the NYC metro area, although there’s no information available on how many subways it has in operation.

Subways in NYC are limited to 25 routes per year, so that doesn’t mean the company has 100 percent of the subway network in its sights.

That’s where Uber is applying for additional routes in the New York metro area.

The company says that its application for the Subway New York City is a “request for proposal,” which means it’s being considered by a group of interested parties.

This could mean that there are a lot of subways waiting to be built, or that there’s already some subways that have been built.

This is a huge win for Uber.

It’s a great way for the company to get people around the country to use its app, and this application allows it to get a little more publicity than it would have had without Uber.

There are still a lot more details to be worked out before the subways will start taking applications, but it seems likely that there will be a lot to be excited about.