US Postal Service: No reason to renew passport application

By Ryan Dannell – USA Today U.S. Postal Service has rejected an application by a friend and boyfriend of a man who was arrested in Hawaii and charged with driving while intoxicated, the agency announced.

The postal service announced Thursday that the applicant had not met the criteria for renewal, meaning the application would be denied and the man’s passport would be returned to him.

The man’s name was not disclosed in a statement released by the postal service.

The agency said it was aware of his arrest and that he had been convicted in Hawaii of driving while under the influence of alcohol in 2007.

The Postal Service says it does not discuss any individual’s status, but the agency has a strict process for approving renewals.

The USPS is not the only postal service to take a stand on the issue.

The Postal Service said in a blog post Thursday that it would not renew the passport of a woman convicted of DUI in Massachusetts.