Home Depot wants to get into the subway app market

The home depot application for a subway train ticketing service is on track to go live later this year.

The company’s first foray into the crowded app space comes after the arrival of a new train ticket-sharing platform called NextGen.

The NextGen app has been in beta testing for a few months now and is expected to roll out later this summer.

The app has some major features in place to make it easy to manage your own transit fare.

Users can choose which stations to pay for using a single touchpad, and the company also has a dedicated map view and train directions.

It’s unclear whether the NextGen service will also work with the subway system.

According to a statement from the company, NextGen will also allow users to create and track transit tickets with their phone.

The company said it has already partnered with two subway companies, and that the Nextgen app will help train operators better manage the crowds of customers waiting on platforms.

“With the availability of mobile transit tickets, the need for a centralized app to manage transit tickets is increasing,” the statement said.

“With NextGen, we want to create an easy to use transit ticket management tool that can be integrated into the next-generation NextGen platform.”

Home Depot has long been one of the largest ticket providers in the United States, offering thousands of products to its customers.

The department store chain said it is expanding its presence in the subway industry by expanding its offerings.

Home Depot said it expects to add another 25,000 employees in the next year.