Can you apply for a $50,000 dental care benefit?

Posted November 20, 2018 09:53:07 When you apply to apply for the Commonwealth Dental Care Benefit (CADB) you will need to fill in a form which will require you to provide information about your income, including your annual income and your tax rate.

If you have a low income or have not paid income tax, you will be asked to provide more information.

The form you will fill in is the CDA, which you can download at

If your income falls below the threshold, you can submit an application for a new dental benefit.

The application fee for the dental care claim is $50.

This includes the GST and the Medicare levy.

If you do not qualify for the CADB and are unsure of how to get your claim, the Federal Government has created a tool to help you find out how to claim the benefit.

To find out more about the CADA, visit www.cada.govau.

You can also apply for other dental benefits if you qualify.