How to get the Irish naturalisation application to be processed in Georgia

How to apply for naturalisation in Georgia, including the application fee, is now open.

The Irish Naturalisation application process is open for the Irish citizen residing in Georgia who wishes to become Irish citizen, or those residing in the Republic of Ireland who wish to become an Irish citizen.

In order to obtain the naturalisation, applicants will need to provide the following information:- A photograph of themselves- A birth certificate- A passport- A valid Irish passport- If you are currently a citizen of the Republic, a current residence card and proof of residence (e.g. birth certificate) in Ireland (you can apply for a birth certificate or proof of a current address abroad).

Applicants must provide a passport photo as proof of address and travel documents for Georgia.

The application fee is €250.

The application process will be open for two weeks, and applications are due on March 15, 2019.

The Irish application process takes about five weeks.

The Republic of Estonia has issued a special travel document for Irish citizens wishing to apply to become Estonian citizens, which can be downloaded here: