How to apply for a job in India’s unemployment camp

4.7 million Indian workers in the informal sector, who make up the bulk of the labour force, have been left without jobs.

The government has been struggling to fill the gap with new jobs that have not been advertised, or that have been promised to them, since January 2017.

But in the past week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a number of initiatives aimed at opening up the informal economy, which has been neglected by the government and its corporate partners.

Modi’s latest initiative, dubbed ‘Operation Green Hunt’, is a nationwide scheme to hire 5,000 new employees in the country.

It is expected to create 5.5 million jobs and boost the economy by about 4.2 per cent in the coming years.

Its the biggest job creation scheme announced by any Indian government, and the government is looking to fill up this gap.

Since Modi took office, the Indian economy has lost 2.8 million jobs.

The government has also said that it is trying to boost jobs in other sectors, such as healthcare, tourism, agriculture and manufacturing.

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