What is the TSA’s latest update on online passport applications?

What is New York City’s latest TSA online passport application update?

New York city is one of the first cities to require its citizens to use a laptop to sign up for a TSA-issued passport.

The department says it will require all travelers traveling to and from New York to use their personal laptops to fill out the online passport.

The department is now accepting applications from residents of New York and Puerto Rico, which are both U.S. territories.

A spokesperson for the department said that, while the program is being rolled out, people who want to submit an online passport should contact the city’s TSA Office of Special Operations.TSA officials have not yet made an official announcement regarding the program, which will be implemented from January 1.

The agency says that it will provide passport applicants with an email address that they can use to check their status and make sure they are not having any problems with the passport.