How to Apply for WalMart Job with Pua Template

In a bid to attract the most talented people from around the world to fill the voids left by the recent retirements of thousands of Walmart workers, Walmart has been running a job application for its workers that has been available for several weeks.

The Walmart job application was created by Pua.

The company has created a template to assist employers in applying for jobs and they are offering the template for free to anyone who wants to get their job offer approved.

The template includes an overview of the Walmart experience, job description, company policies and how to get an interview.

You can also submit your resume to be reviewed by a human interviewer.

The job application includes a list of the requirements, such as:●The minimum wage is $15 an hour.●Work shifts are scheduled once a week for a minimum of six hours.●The company is a member of the American Council on Exercise (ACEE), a nonprofit organization that promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles.●Employees must work at least 40 hours per week and meet the company’s fitness and nutrition standards.●No retaliation is allowed, including but not limited to verbal, written or physical abuse.

The Walmart template can be viewed here.

The Pua template is also available for free on their website.

The jobs posted on the job application are not necessarily available for every Walmart employee.

Walmart did not respond to ABC News’ request for comment.